How it Works

Personalized prescription options in just 5 easy steps.

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Purchase Online

Place an online order and you will receive our pharmacogenetic test and subscription to our medication decision support software. You will also receive a collection kit by mail with detailed instructions.

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Collect your Sample for your Pharmacogenetic Test

The pharmacogenetic test uses DNA from a simple cheek swab, and the swab is provided to you in the collection kit. The swab is easy to use and the collection can be done at home. The sample is returned by you using the provided prepaid label to GenXys for genetic analysis. Your sample will then be processed in the GenXys laboratory.

how it works

Laboratory Analysis of your Sample

Genetic testing is conducted at the GenXys laboratory, where we analyze your DNA to detect genetic variants that may affect how your body responds to medications. Your pharmacogenetic information is securely transferred to your account where you can manage your medications.

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Generate your Personalized Profile using TreatGx

TreatGx is a software tool that provides personalized medication options by combining your genetics and medical information with the best clinical evidence. You can access TreatGx from your home or healthcare practitioner’s office using a computer, tablet or mobile device. Once you log into your account, you will use a series of drop down lists to enter information about your health status. This information may include your age, weight, liver and kidney function. After filling the required fields, TreatGX will display personalized treatment options specific to you and your condition.

How it works - Step 05

Share your TreatGX Personalized Profile with your healthcare professional

By sharing your TreatGx results you can facilitate shared decision-making between you and your health care professional. With TreatGx you are able to access and update your personal information while viewing the effect this has on medication options, thereby strengthening your ability to make informed decisions about your health. The TreatGx options displayed include a list of medications, pricing, dosing, additional information for management of your condition, and guidance on how to optimize your current treatment.